Edge Computer / Edge Gateway

AIoT / IIoT architecture requires powerful computing of cloud, edge and terminal devices. LEX SYSTEM edge computing and edge gateway solutions provide front-end real-time processing computing and analysis equipments, shorting computing , storage and network resources , optimizing time and cost efficiency, accelerate the implementation of the management and maintenance of intelligent applications of AIoT and IIoT applications.


EdgeComputer Automation




Improves product quality and production efficiency by inspecting products, capturing, analyzing and effectively acquiring large amounts of data from sensors and devices.

EdgeComputer Traffic


Video Surveillance


Analyze the real-time video data in intelligent transportation, fleet management, Automatic License Plate Recognition system , ETC and intelligent parking application.

EdgeComputer Medical


AI in Medicine


With the edge AI visual recognition function, the medical technology field can integrate AI computing and telemedicine in a simpler and more intuitive way





SKY2 2I612CW 435x250


NET I 2I380D 435x250


SKY3 3I610NX 435x250 b





APOLLO 3I370DW 435x250 b


APOLLO PM170DW 435x250


TINO2 PCI CI170C 435x250


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